Welcome Back!

  • Week Commencing 16/3/20

    What a crazy week! It has been emotional saying goodbye to the children so soon, they have been a wonderful class to begin me journey at Flitch Green with! As you know, we are now moving to online, distance learning. Children that have been in on Thursday, will have these login details stuck into their reading records. If not, they have been sent to you via email (I believe).

    In literacy this week, we explored the story of Swallows and Amazons. We thought about all for the different clues which allow us to infer when the story could’ve been set. Some really good suggestions included, clothes, food, the way in which characters spoke and even the modes of transport. We had a taste of ginger beer and dead-fly biscuits to relate to the characters! There were some very interesting reactions to the ginger beer!

    In maths, we have finished the first half of the fractions unit. We were supposed to move onto the second half, however for now, I think we will just work on consolidating what we have already covered, possibly even trying some more problem style questions.

    We also had a go at trying to depict mountains in the same way which Alfred Wainwright did in his books. We began by looking at different mark making techniques. Then, in the photos you can see how we used the light from the windows to help us pick out different patterns in the rocks of a particular mountain. We also tried to develop our observational drawing skills and practice only drawing what we can see, rather than what we remember something may look like from experience. To do this, we had different volunteers to stand on a chair with fabric over them. This then created a shape that we most definitely had no memory of, since it was something we had never seen before.

    The tent made in challenge time this week was much better I must say! Photos below.

  • Food Tasting, Maths and Art

  • Art Work (Was going to go towards experience outcome)

  • Week Commencing 9/3/20

    This week featured an exciting day packed with fun science-based activities – all of which were linked to the theme of our diverse planet. Moon, Mars and Nepture joined forces. In Neptune, the children had the opportunity to look closer at their tastebuds in order to discover which type of taster they are. The task involved dying tongues blue, and then printing onto carboard to see the tastebuds closer. In Mars, children had the opportunity to look at diverse weather conditions, specifically looking at surviving cold weather. They were presented with the challenge of designing, making and testing their very own thermos cup. In Moon, we explored the diverse range of materials avaliable to us, along with considering their properties. Following this, the children had to design their own raft made with breadsticks, strawberry laces, a mars bar and it’s wrapper. All done in time to test and see whose survived the longest! 

    In literacy this week, we have been avidly writing as Auggie (from Wonder), contemplating whether or not to start going to school, rather than being hoeschooled by mum. We were really good at understanding the opportunities that going to a school provides us with, such as socialising, a good education, independance and more responsibility. We did however, recognise that some schools could have bullys in them. We had a very split class with what the best and most appopriate outcome should be. 

    Next week in literacy, we will be doing some work based around the story Swallows and Amazons, since it is based in the Lake District. Today we have watched the film and taken note of any language which might give clues for when it was set. 

    Challenge time was launched this week, meaning that lots of challange based activites linked with our experience were enjoyed. One of which, consisted of children using a sheet of fabric and whetever they deemed useful from the classroom, in order to create a comfortable and spacious ‘tent’. This will be judged each week and the best ‘tent’ to be announced at the end of term!

    In maths, we have continued with fractions, as we will do for the remainder of this term. We delved slightly deeper with completing sequences that were missing some fractions. We managed to learn (off by heart) how to count from 4, backwards in quarters. Moving on from this, we started to explore comparing and ordering fractions, based on how little or how much was being represented. Admittedly this proved tricky to begin with, however some extra practice next week should help to clarify understanding.

    Perfect Participant 
    This week, we have all been trying to keep the classroom clean, as well as keep the presentation in our books as neat. There has been a big focus on children taking pride in their own work, and wanting to showcase the best of their own ability. Terrence and Suzie both have shown me that they are conscientious with their work, with Suzie also helping wherever she can to tidy up after others in class. Well done to you both!

  • Tent (kind of), Science Day and Perfect Participant

  • Week Commencing 2/3/20

    We have had a full week of WONDER! In our afternoon sessions, we have looked at the precept, ‘we might be able to change the way that we look on the outside, however it is what’s on the inside that counts’. We explored what makes each and every one of us beautiful on the outside i.e nice smile, long hair, bright eyes etc, and then what makes us beautiful on the inside i.e. friendly, caring, helpful etc. From here, we did some observation drawings of ourselves, using convex and concave mirrors. Interestingly, they changed the way that we looked on the outside; they changed the things that we said make us beautiful on the outside. However, the way in which we drew ourselves did not effect our inner beauty.

    We have also completed our sponsored, silent read. This consisted of all of us residing in the library with cushions, blankets, beanbags and shoes off. We continued reading the book Wonder for the whole of the afternoon.
    In literacy this week, we have begun planning our pieces of writing, which discusses whether Auggie – the main character from Wonder – should go to school or not. We will finish these off next week.

    In maths, we have continued looking at fractions, specifically looking at what mixed number and improper fractions are, and then trying to order them. We played an elimination game to see if we could memorise a sequence of fractions…under pressure!

    Perfect Participant
    Children this week have been putting in lots of effort with school commitments such as, world book day and the sponsored silent read, which we just about managed to keep silent for. However, one child this week has been incredibly helpful with things both in class and on the playground, looking after younger children. The PP award goes to Emme this week, who has chosen to sit at my desk for a day next week.

  • Sponsored Read, Maths, Art, Perfect Participant

  • Week Commencing 24/2/20

    With another half term, comes another experience! We will be looking at a mixture of things this half term, however mainly we will be focusing on the Lake District and Alfred Wainwright’s illustrations and depictions of which. Hopefully, we will host an art exhibition for everyone to come and see the Lake District themed work we have completed.
    To launch this experience, we looked at a drawing that Wainwright did of a mountain. We discussed the level of detail that he uses and also how he does so with using basic drawing techniques. We then took this further and had another go at mono-printing his work!
    This week during experience lessons, we have also been exploring maps of Coniston, which is a place in the Lake District where the book/film Swallows and Amazons was set!

    In maths, we have moved on from multiplying and dividing using written methods, however this is something that would be useful to keep working on at home. We are now looking at fractions; this week we have focused just on what a fraction is and what equivalent fractions are.

    As you know, next week is WONDER week! Therefore, we will be using the book Wonder by R.J.Palacio (I believe the film is on Netfilx at the minute and it makes for a good watch!) to inspire our learning. The book is about a young boy who has a facial disfigurement, causing both some negative and positive reactions from peers.
    Currently in Literacy, we are exploring the art of arguing and debating, with the aim of writing our own debate speeches linked to life with disabilities. We will be using the book Wonder, to help with our understanding of which.

    This week in Literacy, we have looked at some interesting topics and considered our own thoughts and opinions. When presented with the statement ‘children should be tested regularly’ children had to vote agree or disagree whilst offering a reason for their choice. I was most surprised to see that the majority of children agreed! (Photograph of their responses on whiteboards.) We also had a class debate on whether children from the age of 10 should be allowed to drive – I must say, usually we aren’t brilliant at debating and anticipating counter arguments, but honestly, they did really well!

    Perfect Participants
    Congratulations Molly and Omolara for their excellent efforts this week. Your hard work in and outside of class has not gone unnoticed!

  • Experience Launch, Maths, Literacy and YOGA

  • Week Commencing 10/2/20

    Another half-term done! Another experience completed!
    I will take time this weekend, publishing everyones websites posting the links for which onto the blog. The children have worked very hard on these, both in school and at home!

    We have completed our hand drawn maps and also uploaded these onto our websites so that tourists can print them.
    Along with this, we have (mostly) finished writing up our newspaper reports regarding the recruitment process for the new headteacher position; i’m looking forward to reading these. The ones that are finished, have been posted onto our websites and then published.

    This afternoon, we enjoyed hot chocolate, cream, marshmallows and even biscuits, whilst being read some more of our class book.

    Perfect Participant

    Again, Suzie has spent the week collecting rewards for demonstrating qualities of a perfect moon class participant. Well done Suzie!

  • Reading Treats, Perfect Participant

  • Week Commencing 2/2/20

    The blog is finally back (thank goodness).
    We have been working hard with our research regarding Felsted and Flitch. Specifically, in our experience lessons we have looked at some old images of the main road by The Swann Inn and Linsells. We found it really interesting to see that the main features of the area had pretty much stayed the same! There were small changes such as changes in chimneys and shop owners, but other than that, very similar to how we saw it on our walk. Along with this, we were also given some statements about Felsted. We then had to essentially justify claims about the past, by proving or disproving with evidence, whether a given statement was true of false. We enjoyed this task, especially because some of the statements surprised us!
    We did also get contact with the local council who suggested we create a downloadable map for our websites, so that tourists are able to get directions without having to worry about lack of phone signal with google maps. These are well underway!

    In maths, I must say we all seem a whole lot more confident with multiplying numbers. Any practice however, just to improve accuracy would be super. Most of the children admitted that multiplying 2-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers was where they lacked confidence, since there are quite a few steps to remember, however over the last week this has definitely improved. Next week we should be looking at long and short division, which will then conclude our unit.

    In English, we have been having a little look at unpicking newspapers, in order to create our own next week (with the hope that they will be completed in time to upload to our websites). We explored the use of using facts and personal opinions to encourage readers to keep reading. We also had a look at features of a newspaper article. This involved looking at a football paper and reading though the information, discussing what we found.

    Perfect Participant
    Again, a good week for a lot of children in class. I must say however, the two children that did receive the PP award today have been making a serious effort to ensure this was their week. It has been delightful seeing both Riley and Charlie settle in class and wanting to achieve. Well done the pair of you. Hopefully next week is the same!

  • Experience (pending), Literacy, and Perfect Participant (pending)

  • Week Commencing 27/1/20

    Hello all, I have somehow managed to delete the pre-existing blog posts! Hopefully I can try to recover them all.
    Moving on, this week we have been continuing with multiplying in maths. Specifically, 2-digit by 2-digit numbers. We generally have mastered the first step of the process, however some practice would be beneficial.

    In Literacy we have been working hard to finish writing our stories that were inspired by the ‘Wolf Brother’. We will be reading these to children in KS1 next week as part of guided reading!

    For our experience, we were able to get out of school to explore the local area. Thank you to those parents who were able to attend and help! The children really enjoyed recording their own data and taking notice of what’s around us.
    The notes made from this will help them to add information to their webpages.

    Perfect Participant
    This week children have been really hardworking – particularly with their websites at home! It has been really lovely seeing children be enthusiastic with their learning inside and outside of school. Suzie and Molly have both shown me this week that they take pride in their learning and are determined to improve their work.

  • Perfect Participants

  • Week Commencing 20/1/20

    Firstly, thank you to those of you that were able to get children into school earlier on Thursday. I appreciate that it is not easy to change daily routine! I had lots of comments from parents who were really impressed with Moon’s manners and confidence when carrying out questionnaires. We will begin to look at that data next week!

    Another week has gone past very quickly! We have been super busy with various different things. In English, we have continued reading Wolf Brother, which seems to be very popular with most children. We particularly like the mysterious elements to the story which make for very interesting discussion. In terms of writing, we spent Monday having another go at recording our own conversations between two of the characters using ipads. This has been helpful with ensuring we use the correct punctuation, but to also get into role and consider meaningful dialogue between characters for when we come to writing our own stories. Then, Tuesday and Wednesday consisted of learning about creating a mysterious and suspenseful atmosphere, so to keep our KS1 audience fully captivated by the story. We used eerie music, with dimmed lights in the classroom, to really help us visualise our writing. 

    Some of my favourite sentences are as follows: 

    ‘Petrified, Torak stood perplexed and still. Nothing moved, just trees dancing in the wind.’  – Poppy

    ‘…when he woke up, a bird shot out of the tree like a bullet.’ – Austin 

    ‘…brittle, green vines hung low, so low that that the tips brushed his shoulder in the steady wind.’ – Anna 

    ‘…he felt the heavy wind breathing on him.’ – Kylie 

    ‘The strong, powerful fog wrapped around Torak.’  – Lucy 

    ‘The cold winter’s air was killing the birds’ chirps…’ – Molly

    ‘Torak looked around him, but only saw ghostly fog that could cover a whole herd of deer.’  – Ben 

    We are looking forward to building these scenes up further next week when we begin drafting our story! 

    In maths, we have finished our area and perimeter unit. We have spent Wednesday and Thursday looking at multiplying numbers using different methods. We started of using base 10 blocks to help us see how large the numbers are when we multiply 2-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers. Once we got our head around this, we were able to move onto representing the multiplication process using counters. We all had different opinions on which one we found easiest. Next week we will continue with multiplication, but looking more at the written methods. 

    We have finished looking at the Earth, Sun and Moon this week. To conclude this, we had a performance session where each group was able to perform their song, which detailed the different stages of the lunar cycle, that they (by themselves) created. We definitely have some natural musicians/performers!

    Perfect Participant
    There have been lots of children this week who have been working hard to ensure that they are always listening carefully. Ben however has done both this and overcome challenges. He has been attentive during all lessons, asking questions to improve his understanding and challenging himself to re-try work to make it even better. He has also spent some time at home writing his own story, complete with rising tension – showing that he is practicing what we’ve been learning in school. Well done Ben, you should be really proud of the work you have produced!

  • Maths, Experience and Perfect Participants

  • Week Commencing 13/1/20

    This week we have been learning about space. We discovered that a year is the measurement of time it takes for that planet to orbit the sun. After applying some of our multiplying and dividing maths skills, we found it interesting that on some planets we would be classed as either toddlers or middle-age citizens!
    We also looked at how the moon doesn’t even produce light, and that actually it looks as though it is shining, because it is reflecting the light from the sun.

    In maths, we have been continuing with perimeter and area. Some of us had the opportunity to explore the school in search for different rectangles to measure, whether that be various meeting rooms, shelving units and even the discovery centre. We will likely finish this unit and begin multiplication and division next week.

    In Literacy, we are focusing on mystery stories. Consequently, we have started reading the book ‘Wolf Brother’ by Michelle Paver. We are all very keen to find out what happens to the main character, now that he is fending for himself.
    We have also managed to have a go at reading our stories that we wrote, from last half term (based in the Amazon Rainforest), to children in year 1 and 2. It was very rewarding seeing that the KS1 children rated our stories a ‘million gazillion’ out of 10. Moon children should be very proud of leading their own story time!

    Perfect Participants
    A big well done to Kylie and Harry this week for being perfect Moon class participants. Kylie has worked incredible hard with her concentration and engagement this week, ensuring she is always listening and following instructions. Harry too has worked hard to ensure he is asking questions about his learning and trying to improve his work.

  • Week Commencing 7/1/20

    I hope that everybody had a good break over Christmas! It is lovely to see that more children have been reading over the holidays and have even found the time to review and rate their books. 

    The first week back was poetry slam. This involved intense exploration and rehearsal of our given class poem, ‘The Listeners’ By Walter De Le Mare.
    Unfortunately, we didn’t win (maybe next year), however our performance was well received by the other children throughout the school. At the beginning of the week, we were mostly unpicking the poem and the language used in order to come to terms with what it actually was about; we came to the conclusion that it involved a haunted house inhabited by ‘phantom listeners’ and a traveller who was invited to visit. Some of the children had some really mature suggestions about how author might have intended us to interpret it. Once we had a strong understanding of the settings, characters and narrative, we were able to begin rehearsals. Given that the poem has a creepy edge to it and that we didn’t have much information about who the ‘phantom listeners’ were, we created a shadow theatre to depict the narrative. 

    In maths this week, we have been looking at calculating the perimeter of given compound rectilinear shapes. This can be quite tricky, especially when some of the measurements are missing, and you need to calculate what they are without using a ruler! The children have worked hard to try and grasp this. If anyone would like to do some extra practice at home, children are more than welcome to grab a toolkit (step by step guide) from class. 

    Perfect Participant
    One of the children has been working hard over Christmas, writing and designing her own book. I have been totally captivated by the story and the effort that has been put into it. Therefore, Anna has automatically won a perfect participant reward. I look forward to finishing you book Anna! Well done! 
    The other Perfect Participant has managed to settle back into the swing of school, demonstrating good behaviour and engagement. Well done to Robyn!

  • Literacy, Poetry Slam and Perfect Participant

  • Last Week! 16/12/19

    I would just like to first of all, say a massive thank you to all parents and children for making this an enjoyable and fun first term! Also, Mrs George and I wanted to thank you for our gifts and cards, very much appreciated!

    This week has mainly consisted of finishing our stories which are set in the Amazon rainforest. In the new term, we shall be reading these to children from KS1.

    Well done to all 13 children that managed to read at least 3 times a week for a minimum of 4 weeks (out of 7). These children enjoyed their hot chocolates with cream marshmallows and Oreo biscuits.

    We also had lots of fun rehearsing our assembly piece for Mr Lowe’s secret assembly. Everyone laughed lots and lots and the children enjoyed getting into role and impersonating him. A very well done.

    Have a lovely Christmas all and enjoy the time off!

  • Christmas Fun!

  • Week Commencing 9/12/19

    This week has been very busy indeed. On Monday, we received letter response from the WWF. They thanked us for the persuasive letters that we had written. They also gave us WWF themed goodies, which we were all super excited about. We loved that we were able to use our literacy skills to help make a difference in the world!

    On Tuesday, as you know, we went on the annual pantomime trip. We all had a wonderful time singing, dancing (some very interesting dance moves I must admit) and screaming ‘it’s behind you!’

    In Literacy this week we have been planning and drafting our own take on the book ‘Journey to The River Sea’. We plan on reading these to KS1 after Christmas!

    As for maths, we will continue to consolidate all that we have learnt over the term and then start afresh with area and perimeter when we come back after Christmas.

    Perfect Participant
    This week, not many PP points were given out, leaving us with lots of runners up. There did have to be a winner though and we ended up with two. Congratulations to Riley and Lucy this week – hopefully the good behaviour can continue through to next week.

  • Literacy (WWF Response)

  • Week Commencing 02/12/19

    During experience this week, we have been using our parachute designs to finally create a parachute. In order to carry out our investigations, we had to stand on the tables and time how long it took Blu to reach the floor. The parachute that was the slowest, would be the best at saving Blu.

    In Literacy this week, we have been looking at effectively using a range of language in our writing. At the beginning of the week, we thought of different fronted adverbials that would be good to use on our stories. We have also had a go at constructing creative similes.

    In maths this week, we practised multiplying and dividing numbers by 10, 100 and 1,000. Now, we have finished the multiplication and division unit and consequently will be moving onto perimeter and area for the remainder of term.

    Perfect Participant
    This week lots of us seemed to find elements of maths and literacy tricky. One child however took it upon herself to go home and practice extra work from our lessons, which later helped her in class. By doing this, she just managed to beat the runners up. Congratulations to Robyn!

  • Literacy, Maths, Science and Perfect Participant

  • Week Commencing 25/11/19

    This week during our experience lessons, we have been looking at the force of gravity. After discovering that mass and weight mean different things, we used Newton meters and weighing scales to measure the gravitational pull and mass of different classroom objects. After understanding this, we moved onto looking at air resistance. Since our Experience is ‘Discovering Brazil’, we watched a clip of Blu from the film ‘Rio’ and thought about what we could do to help him with his flying. We decided that creating a parachute would work well to effectively use air resistance to reduce how quickly he plummeted to the ground. This involved designing and testing the rate at which different materials fell to the ground. Next week, we shall test our the parachutes and amend designs accordingly.

    In Literacy this week, we managed to finish writing up our letters into best! These will be dropped to the postbox this evening. We have also been reading the book ‘Journey to The River Sea’ which at the minute, seems to be quite interesting. We particularly liked listening to it via audiobook as we were able to recognise different characters when they spoke. Any children that have not been in this week might benefit with reading the first couple of chapters in order to follow the story with us next week.

    In maths this week, we have continued with the division and multiplication unit. We explored cube numbers further and now seem to be more confident with which. Following this, we have looked at multiplying and dividing 3/4-digit numbers by either 10, 100 or 1,000. This is something that could be practiced at home in preparation for next week. Also this week, we tried something different and had a Friday maths challenge; children were able to attempt questions that worked on their reasoning and mathematical explanations. Next week, we will be beginning perimeter and area.

    Perfect Participant
    This week, we had a clear winner. She demonstrated some really good listening skills throughout both this week and last. So a very big congratulations to April who won Perfect Participant this week!

  • Science, Maths, Literacy and Perfect Participant

  • Week Commencing 18/11/19

    During our experience lessons this week, we have been looking more closely at South America. We have looked at how countries are interdependent and interconnected though the trade industry. We all found it interesting that whilst deforestation for agriculture and farm space is continuing to become a problem, the trade industry for which is booming! We also looked at what physical and human geography might mean. It was pretty easy to guess that human geography refers to man-made structures and features.

    In Literacy this week, we have finished planning our persuasive letters to the WWF, with the aim that the they consider our arguments and continue to protect the rainforest in Brazil. Looking at some of the finished drafts, I can say that a lot of children have really impressed me with their application of the tricky punctuation we experimented with last week. The WWF have kindly said they will read them all once finished which is very exciting! Next week, we will be reading the book ‘The Journey to The River Sea’ which is set in the Amazon.

    In maths this week, we have used our knowledge of factors and multiples to work out prime and square numbers. We also had a look at what cube numbers are however this was a tricky concept to grasp; something we will continue to practice next week.

    Perfect Participant
    Due to having about 7 people drawing with only 1 point, perfect participant will roll over to next week.

  • Geography and Maths

  • Week Commencing 11/11/19

    MyMaths homework has beens set.

    This week in experience lessons, we have been developing our map reading skills. We have managed to create our own colour coded maps of South America, highlighting either population, climate or heights of land. In order to do this, we had to use the atlas and gather information. Along with this, we have combined our geography skills with our maths skills and applied them when interpreting data about the Amazon climate. Lastly, we have looked into how the Amazon Rainforest has been changing over the last 80 years due to deforestation; we looked at how this impacts us too!

    In Literacy, we have been focusing on our writing skills. Specifically, we have worked hard on understanding the structure of different sentence. We all understand that every single sentence must have a main clause. Some other sentences will have a main clause and a subordinate clause, some might even have a main clause and a relative clause. Along with this, we have had a practice with visual coding to help identify when a semi-colon would be most effective in a sentence. Today, we even spent some time understanding parenthesis (using brackets, dashes or commas to add extra information). We will continue to practice these wiring skills next week when we write our persuasive letters to the WWF organisation.

    Maths this week has been interesting. We have secretly been practicing graph skills and column addition and subtraction skills in geography. In maths lessons however, we have been exploring factors and multiples. They can be confusing at times and we often get in a muddle although, when we use arrays – made from Cheerios – we can visualise and begin to understand the concept more confidently. Next week, we will be looking at prime, square and cubed numbers.

    Perfect Participant
    This week there have been a few children that noticeably have been super attentive within lessons. With this in mind, there was one child that definitely stood out and contributed on every single lesson, whether that be to ask questions as a result of thinking critically or even to summarise in her own words. Congratulations to Molly who has picked to steal my desk next week as her reward!

  • Literacy, Maths and Perfect Participant

  • Week Commencing 8/11/19 (Start of half term)

    Welcome back! Thank you everyone that managed to come to the Experience Outcome today after school. I hope that you saw how much hard work and effort has gone into the beginning of year 5. As some of you might have noticed from the classroom, our new experience is ‘Discovering Brazil’. To launch this, we got very messy indeed, by rolling ink onto the tables and then printing pictures that are associated with Brazil. Hopefully, throughout the topic we will all come to understand the links between them.

    In maths, we have just finished looking at statistics. We kickstarted the week with some addition and subtraction revision and even had some children taking on the role of the teacher, showing how to work some of the questions out. This week, we delved deeper into the different ways in which data can be represented for example, two-way tables and timetables. Next week in maths, we will be beginning our multiplication and division unit. This consists of finding multiples and factors of given numbers, it also involves looking at squared, cubed and prime numbers.

    In Literacy this week we have been VERY busy people. We have just began looking at the art persuasion and more specifically, how to write an effective persuasive letter. At the beginning of the week, we wrote to Mr Lowe in an attempt to shed some light on why we don’t love the school uniforms. We have tried to persuade him to consider changing the rules so that we will be allowed to wear home clothes every day. Today, Mr Lowe got back to us and assured us that the message would be passed onto the governors! Along with this, we had a go at re-creating Dragon’s Den by selling the products given to us (loo roll, newspaper, tree-house, energy bar, salad and a chocolate cake). During which, we really looked at counter arguments and how we could address them in such a way that would persuade someone to change their mind any purchase the product. We also had a go at improving a letter to Harry Kane, inviting him to coach our imaginary school football team. Hopefully, with the help of social media, we might be able to get a response from him although we do understand that he is a very busy person.

    Perfect Participants
    We have started the first week back off very well indeed. We had lots of runners up for perfect participant this week! There were though, two children who have particularly stood out. Anna and Kylie have both really made an effort to be attentive, helpful and generally engaged within class. They have both worked very well within lessons, contributing to discussions and being the first two to be ready and listening nearly every, single time. Very well done girls, you have set the bar high.

  • Experience Outcome, Experience Launch, Maths and Literacy
    (if parents would not like to be in the photos I have just uploaded, let me know and I can remove them)

  • Week Commencing 14/10/19 (End of half term)

    Apologies for the delay in posting!
    To end our first half term, parents have had the opportunity to discuss children’s progress and find out how their child has settled in. If you weren’t able to make it to parents evening, please do contact me via the office email and I would be happy to re-schedule or discuss over the phone should this suit you more.

    Like every other, our last week was very busy. In maths, we finished our addition and subtraction unit. As discussed during parents evening, it is likely that we will continue to practice the written processes of addition and subtraction along with understanding what the question is requiring us to work out. Any additional work on this at home will be greatly appreciated. Following the completion of the addition and subtraction unit, we began to look at statistics. Specifically, line graphs. We began by comparing the difference between line graphs and bar charts. We have then spent some time understanding the data that could be represented in the form of a line graph and knowing how to read them effectively. We also had a go at measuring our heart rate before and during different levels of exercise which lead to a very sweaty maths lesson. It would be interesting to see if some children could try to replicate this activity at home (remember the labels for the x and the y axis)!
    Don’t fancy measuring your heart rate? Perhaps measure temperature throughout the day, weather over the week or even the tastiness of dinners at home!

    In English, we have just managed to complete writing our own takes on part II of ‘The Highwayman’ poem. We understand the rhyme scheme (AABCCB) which shows where we need to consider rhyming pairs along with repetition – one of the poetic devices we have explored last week.

    Children have been given a book review template so that they can share with us what they have enjoyed or conversely not enjoyed reading over the holidays. These will all go into a review book that we keep in our reading corner.
    Following discussions with parents regarding reading at home, I felt that it was necessary for the children that do read at home with an adult, to be recognised and rewarded. I have since mentioned this to the class and collectively we agreed that this would be a good motivational factor. Children are aware that now, if they can read at least 3 times every week to an adult, by the end of the half term, they will have the opportunity to enjoy hot chocolate (or another hot beverage or milkshake for those that don’t like hot chocolate) along with a biscuit.

    In our experience lessons, we have been especially busy sawing, drilling, gluing, painting, outlining and finalising our moving cam mechanisms. These are nearly complete and we look forward to showing you these on the first Friday back from the holidays (8th November 2019).

    Perfect Participant
    This week children have been working hard on friendships and ensuring that everyone is behaving in a positive manner. Towards the end of the week we discussed completing random acts of kindness in order to make someone else day brighter. Most children were able to feedback examples from over lunchtime when they helped someone else. Two children this week however stood out. Omolara and Emma were both awarded the perfect participant of the week having really shown that the have qualities of someone who is caring, helpful and making the right choices. Both again, closing to steal my desk for the day! Congratulations girls!

  • Maths, DT and Perfect Participants

  • Week Commencing 7/10/19

    Firstly, well done to those children who competed in cross country today. You did amazing (even if the weather was rubbish).

    This week, children have been working very hard mastering a range of new skills! Starting with DT, children have been measuring, sawing, drawing and painting. All of which going towards their experience outcomes. Parents will be invited to come and see these however, due to time constraints, this will be after the half term.

    In maths, we have been continuing to look at inverse addition and subtraction calculations. This going to the extent of writing our own questions based on dates from a history timeline in the hall! Following this, we moved onto understanding multistep questions. Occasionally, this proved to be tricky, particularly when faced with the issue of not knowing which step to take first. Today, we re-capped all that we’ve been learning in maths, by going head to head in earning house points for correct answers, workings and even being able to reason answers!

    Literacy has proved to be interesting this week. We have been looking at the narrative poem ‘The Highwayman’. It is a detailed poem that tells a story of two people that loved each other. Within this poem, there are lots of examples of poetic devices. We have been exploring the impact that these such devices have on the reader. We have also explored these devices not only in the poem, but in music too! Children have been encouraged to look for similes, metaphors, repetition, alliteration and personification in songs that they hear on the radio. It will be interesting to hear what everyone can find!

    Perfect Participant
    This week we had lots of people drawing on the perfect participant table. However, two children have particularly stood out this week. Emme and Lucy have both been working hard this week. Emme in particular has been very productive within lessons and generally attentive when it comes to following instructions. Similarly, Lucy has been collecting points for being attentive and putting in effort with tricky work! Both have chosen the reward of sitting in my very comfy chair at my big desk for the day – looking forward to swapping my chair for theirs…not. Well done girls, keep up the hard work!

  • DT, Timeline Maths, Literacy and Perfect Participant

  • Week Commencing 30/09/19

    This week, we have been working hard with our DT projects. We have all managed to design and create the template for our backgrounds. Some of us have even begun painting our designs onto the templates! We have also been taking in turns to measure, mark and drill into our cardboard boxes. We all found this very exciting!

    In maths this week, we have looked at using the column method for both addition and subtraction calculations. We’re all very confident with adding large numbers, however it is clear that some of us find subtracting a little bit harder – mainly when we have to exchange a number from the column to the left. We looked into wordy maths problems, which require us to work out what we actually have to work out. This led us onto looking at a part part whole bar model (the children should hopefully be able to show you what this looks like) to represent the important information from the question. From here, we would work backwards to answer/solve the problem. Next week, we will continue with developing our skills and confidence with addition and subtraction, by looking at multi-step problems.

    During this week, we have all been working extremely hard to edit and improve our very own suspense narratives. We then took our time to perfect handwriting and copy our stories into our brand new writing portfolios. Miss Branford is particularly keen to find out who our real criminals are (they’re only revealed in the last paragraph). Concluding the week, we had a go at writing our own narrative poems, which we discussed were poems that told a story. We will continue with learning about what these are in more detail next week. 

    Perfect Participant
    So, this week everyone has worked very hard. However, there were two winners that had very high scores; Suzie and Oliver. Suzie has been particularly helpful this week, whether that be by helping others to complete their jobs or ensuring that she is listening and doing the right thing when others aren’t. Oliver on the other hand, usually finds it difficult to refrain from talking and distracting others during lessons. However, he has made an extraordinary effort to change that this week, making me a very proud teacher. Oliver chose a sit-with-a-friend day pass whilst Suzie chose to have lunch with the teacher. Well done you two!

  • Maths, Literacy and DT (Drilling) and Perfect Participant

  • Week Commencing 23/09/19

    First of all, a big thank you to everyone who managed to donate a box to our DT project!

    During English this week, we have been working hard to write our suspense stories – all of which are very gripping! We have been writing one paragraph at a time and then recording ourselves reading it aloud. Then, we listen to the recording and see if we can notice where vocabulary, sentence structure and punctuation might possibly be improved. Something we have all been trying to work on, is building atmosphere. To do this, we noticed that it involves a lot of description. Whilst we can usually think of some good descriptive vocabulary, we have all been using thesauruses and Ipads to discover better synonyms for words that we already know.

    In maths this week, we have concluded our place value unit by developing our understanding of negative numbers. During this time, it became noticeable that some of us find it difficult to comprehend that for example, -5 is smaller than -2. To work on this, we have been playing a game that helps us recall negative numbers in order from smallest to largest/largest to smallest. We refer to it as ‘the call out game’. All children have particularly enjoyed playing it! See if you can beat our class high score of 9 (you need to have at least 3 players). Towards the end of the week, we have been looking at adding 4-digit and 5-digit numbers using the written, column addition method. Initially, some of us found it tricky to remember the rules, however we are now feeling more confident. For those children who want to practice some work at home, we will be learning how to subtract large numbers next week.

    We have spent this week finalising DT designs and ensuring we each know what our final pieces are going to look like. Hopefully, next week we can begin getting messy and constructing. Our DT project is linked to our experience outcome, which eventually will be displayed to parents (date to be confirmed). As part of which, we have had to continue researching about crime and punishment over time. Children have been working hard to add more to their timelines – all of which are now looking very extensive!

    Perfect Participant
    Whilst the children from Moon Class always seem to impress me with their attitudes, actions and behaviour, there has been a child who has collected double the points of our runners up. A big congratulations to Charlie for the extra effort he has put into being helpful, ensuring the classroom is tidy co-creating a helpful English poster for the class. Super impressed, well done!

  • History, Maths, DT and Perfect Participant

  • Week Commencing 16/09/19

    This week we have been very busy. In English, it has come to light that a lot of us keep forgetting to use full stops! Meaning that our sentences are very, very, very long! To tackle this, we have been learning about the use of conjunctions, these are words which are used to join sentences together (words such as: and, because, so, if, but, before etc). We are starting to consider if it would be best to use a conjunction and continue the sentence further, or if it would be better to use a full stop and start a new sentence. Following this, we have started planning our very own suspense narratives inspired by our experience. These stories are based on an innocent person who has mistakenly been arrested for a crime they didn’t commit! Lots of children have mentioned that they have family members/ family friends who work as police officers. This lead to the discussion that actually, we could speak to these people as they might be able to give us more of an insight into what a jail scene might look, sound, and smell like. We look forward to hearing about these conversations.

    In maths, we have spent a lot of this week trying to perfect rounding. Some children even being able to try tricky reasoning (explaining how they know) questions. Next week, we will be beginning our new unit of addition and subtraction.

    Lastly, in our experience lessons, we have focused on how crime and punishment has evolved over time. Starting with the romans, who seemed to be particularly brutal with their punishments, moving up to the Tudors. Now we have some background knowledge on the history, we have begun thinking about our DT project. Today, we have started to explore some prototypes of moving cam mechanisms, which hopefully will give us some ideas as to how we can design our own ones.

    Perfect Participant
    This week, children have all been working very hard. This has been the highest amount to PP points that we have collected as a class so far, which is all down to the amount of hard work that has been put into practicing our writing skills. However, concluding the third week, there were two clear winners. These children were Robyn and Anna, congratulations girls and a very big well done!

  • Literacy, History, DT and Perfect Participant

  • Week Commencing 09/09/19

    Moving onto our second week as year fives, we have been developing our atlas skills. Specifically, we have been using geographical vocabulary in order to locate famous prisons in the Uk and around the world. We found it interesting that some are even on tiny islands so that prisoners can’t escape!

    In maths we have been looking at rounding numbers all the way up to the nearest 100,000! As a class, this is something that we initially found tricky. However, as the week has progressed, our confidence has too. We hope that next week we can continue to develop our understanding further.

    Perfect Participant
    This week it was very close. Lots of children have consistently demonstrated qualities of a perfect Moon Class participant. However, two children in particular have stood out and drawn in collecting the most PP points. These children were Austin and Omolara. Well Done!

  • Maths, Geography and Perfect Participant

  • Week Commencing 02/09/19

    Apologies for not having set the blog up sooner!

    During the first week back, we saw an exciting launch to our experience; crime and punishment through history. To ease our way in, we were introduced to Goldilocks as well as the crimes she stood accused of committing (breaking little bear’s chair, eating the porridge and sleeping in three bears’ beds). We casted roles for both a defence and prosecution team who then appeared in front of a judge, presenting evidence and calling upon witnesses in an attempt to sway the jury. Unfortunately, Moon Class weren’t so forgiving and saw it appropriate to sentence Goldilocks to prison!

    In English, we have started reading the book ‘Clockwork‘ by Phillip Pullman. The story has captured our imaginations and kept us on the edge of our seats ever since starting it. With an abundance of rising tension and a high level of suspense we have looked forward to finding out what happens next! Following this, we have enjoyed writing letters to Karl (one of the main characters) and explaining whether or not he should use Sir Ironsoul and take Dr Kalmenius’s help.

    Perfect Participant
    Lastly, a very well done to Austin for winning Perfect Participant for the week. He chose a sit-with-a-friend day pass as his reward!

  • Experience Launch and Perfect Participant

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